Anything can be clarified

The easiest way to contact me about a potential order is through the contact form. Please see the bottom of the page for assistance. I will check how to best solve your task and will contact you as soon as possible. 
Of course, you can also contact me by telephone. Data transfer via FTP on request.

Contact form

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Questions regarding placing an order

If you have a question about placing an order, please send me an email. Then I will promptly send you a non-binding quotation. Please note that your detailed information will be of great assistance in estimating the anticipated expenditures. Of course we can always discuss everything during a personal meeting as well. 

Text order

  • What is the required text length?
  • Which information is the text supposed to present?
  • Who is the target group of the text?
  • What type of reference material can you provide?
  • What is the required format of the target text?
  • What is the deadline by which you require the final product?

Translation order

  • What is the scope of the source text including captions and tables, measured in words or lines à 55 characters?
  • What is the subject area and text type? Ideally, please include a sample page.
  • What is the deadline by which you require the finished translation?
  • Should a translation-memory-excerpt be used and what is your preferred TM-software?
  • What is the format of the source text and what is the required format of the target text?
  • Should the target text be adapted to a layout template?
  • Would you like a stylistic analysis/correction of the source text?

Voiceover order

  • Ideally you will draft a short version of the application area and the target group you want to address in your project and send me the text or a text sample.
  • You can choose the recording studio of course. If the recording is conducted at a studio within Berlin’s proximity I generally do not charge for the journey.