Make Up Your Own Mind!

Why not browse through the sample texts that are listed as references on this page. Practical insights often provide faster and clearer insights than theory. The sample texts contain a summary of the order together with the corresponding solution. The sample texts include current web-content written primarily at customer’s request as well as editorial blog-texts. Editorial writing and translating both benefit from subject-specific know-how in terms of terminology and understanding of the content. To me, familiarising myself with new subject areas is an enjoyable lifelong duty.

These texts primarily consist of contract work. All rights to the text references remain with the purchasers of the texts. The texts may not be used in any form.

Reading Samples

«Französische Korrespondenz ohne Mühe»
(Correspondence in French with ease)
Book review | Article for a specialized magazine

«Wie ein Übersetzer seine Arbeitssprachen pflegt» (How a translator fosters his working languages)
Article for a specialized magazine

«Brennstoffzelle» (Fuel Cell)
SEO-optimized webtext | Specialized article for online lexicon

«Mittelengland» (The Midlands)
SEO-optimized webtext | Advertising text for tourism portal

«Goldjahrzehnt» (Golden Decade)
Webtext | Editorial article for online magazine

«Segelkurs» (Sailing Course)
SEO-optimized webtext | Article for online portal

«Der Buchschreiber» (The Book Writer)
Article for a magazine | Anecdote of the term "synonym"

«Erotikmassage» (Erotic Massage)
SEO-optimized webtext | Advertising text for online portal