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As a graduate specialist translator I know the importance of expert knowledge in addition to language competence. Having worked as a translator in several specialist areas, energy technology meanwhile belongs to my specialist areas. I regularly further my training in this area and follow the technical developments. This is important for immediate understanding during discussions with customers as to how a new job should be organised. For this, competence ensures assurance during terminology research and ideally reduces the duration of a translation job. As a customer you benefit from an assured and efficient processing of your order.

Emphases on energy technology

Experts have to specialise. As a translator Texttorpedo increasingly works in the area of energy technology – in particular the renewable energies – and with this, keeps up-to-date in the following topic areas:

  • Energy Politics, Climate Protection Policy, Energy Markets
  • Steam Power Stations, Nuclear Power Stations, Gas Turbine Power Stations, Combined-cycle Power Plants
  • Industrial Piston Engines, Hybrid Engines
  • Fuel Cells
  • Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat
  • Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Energy, Solar Power Plants
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Geothermal Energy, Heat Pumps
  • Bioenergy, Energetic Combustion of Refuse
  • Energy Storage, Power Distribution

Furthermore, specific knowledge and practical experience are available in the areas of electrical engineering, electronics, automation and robotics (CNC machine tools).

Keep an eye on country specific developments!

Shortly after the start of the century, Germany was able to take on a leading role in the development of environmental technology, and in the meantime other industrial nations such as the United States, Great Britain and China have also recognised the importance of renewable energy for the preservation of the familiar living conditions on earth, and also as an export product. On the contrary, France covers up to 80% of its power consumption with nuclear power and plays its part in the protection of the environment through low carbon dioxide emissions and huge energy saving measures. Texttorpedo keeps himself up-to-date with the energy politics in the German-, English- and French-speaking areas, in order to assuredly perform the relevant translation jobs. As a customer you can rely on the fact that your service provider also knows how to reliably organise the contents.

Up-to-date knowledge

Texttorpedo has acquired his specialist knowledge of energy technology through systematic study of the relevant technical literature. Reading specialist literature in the offered languages affords the technical translator not only with the necessary specialist knowledge, but also at the same time with a sure command of the professional terminology. Finally, Texttorpedo has absorbed the following standard works (the year of publication of the edition Texttorpedo read is given in brackets):

  • Michael Sterner/Ingo Stadler: Energiespeicher Bedarf – Technologien – Integration (2014)
  • Jochen Lehmann/Thomas Luschtinetz: Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen (2014)
  • Gabriele Becker/Rita Kellner-Stoll/Ralf Köpke: Bremerhaven – Eine Stadt im Aufwind (2013)
  • Sven Geitmann: Energiewende 3.0 mit Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen (2012)
  • Pierre Royer: Géopolitique des mers et des océans (2012)
  • Hans-Jürgen Reuß: Der Dieselmotor als Schiffsantrieb (2011)
  • Volker Quaschning: Erneuerbare Energien und Klimaschutz (2010)
  • Richard Zahoransky: Energietechnik (2010)
  • European Renewable Energy Council: Renewable Energy in Europe (2010)
  • Robert Kandel: Le réchauffement climatique (2010)
  • Jacques Vernier: L'environnement (2010)
  • Jacques Vernier: Les énergies renouvelables (2009)
  • Volker Quaschning: Regenerative Energiesysteme (2009)
  • Claus Rolfs: Was man so über Energie wissen sollte (2009)
  • Jean-Marie Chevalier: Les 100 mots de l'énergie (2008)
  • Paul Reuss: L'énergie nucléaire (2008)
  • Wolfgang Schufft: Taschenbuch der elektrischen Energietechnik (2007)
  • Volker Quaschning: Understanding renewable energy systems (2005)
  • Bernard Wiesenfeld: L'énergie en 2050 (2005)
  • Andrée Dagorne, René Dars: Les risques naturels (2005)
  • Godfrey Boyle: Renewable Energy (2004)

Texttorpedo keeps himself informed about the newest developments by regularly reading the specialist energy magazine "Energie, Wind & Sonne".


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