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Voiceover Artist

Consume with all senses

The way in which most people perceive a text is related directly to the way it is presented to the target group. This is true for the Internet as well as magazines, brochures or technical documentation. It is a well known fact that listening texts are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason, not only in literature but also for image films, tutorials, company presentations as well as newspaper articles. As an additional service, I can therefore dub your text material if required. A dubbed version can add significant value to training materials (e-learning, utility films), user manuals or entertaining texts. (Texttorpedo offers this service in the German language only.)

Voice and training make the difference

A pleasant voice and sound training are the prerequisites for making dubbed versions of documents sound exactly as required. In the process, the voice has to do justice to the type and purpose of the text. Having trained at the Logo Institute, the Berlin-based subsidiary of the Frankfurter Moderatorenschule (school for presenters), at the School for Synchron Speakers and Moderators International-Voice and having undergone vocal training with private coaches (Susann Kloss, Christine B. Kugler) I am ideally prepared for dubbing your documents.

Voice profile and area of application

My voice is primarily perceived as a sonorous bass-baritone voice that addresses the listeners confidently, but in a sensitive and friendly manner at the same time.

Upon consultation I can offer you a professional solution for your request in the following areas:

  • E-learning documents and tutorials
  • Technical documentation

  • Audioguides for museums, cities and tourism complexes

  • Pod-casts

  • Computer games

First class studio technology

No technical appliance can simulate the human voice exactly. But the human voice can nevertheless be preserved just through the means of technology. Texttorpedo undertakes all voice recordings in his own studio and so makes a decisive cost advantage possible for his customers. For a recording booth Texttorpedo can use the acoustically optimised Desone S: Box-System. The digital recorder BR-800 from Boss works as the recording interface, has a high quality integrated microphone pre-amplifier and makes possible stereo voice recordings with a sampling rate of up to 44.1 kHz (24 bits). The large-membrane Brauner Phanthera microphone used reproduces the human voice with a sound quality which hardly any other microphone can attain. For editing the recordings and achieving special effects Texttorpedo works with the reliable software solution Audacity. Data exchange of the prepared recordings can be effected most suitably via DVD, USB-stick, e-mail or FTP download from my own server as well as from Dropbox or youSENDit


Listen to samples of my dubbing of texts:

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